Rune Wick in all her glory

Rune Wick, or in Orcish Tongue, Zatorous, is the name of the holy blade of the Orcish people.


Rune Wick, or as the Orcish people call the wonderous blade, Zatorous, is an elegant blade crafted from an untouchable metal known as Dezrati. The shining metal is so hard and durable, no scratch could ever show. The beautiful twisting handle crawls up the side of the magnificent blade in sparkling tendrils. On the side of the blade is some sort of magical green writing, presumably a basic, minor Dez writing. No scribe or scholar has ever been successful in decoding even a single character of the inscription. Several Runesmiths from the Guild of Runesmiths have tried to inspect the weapon to see if the characters work as runes that enhanced its strength, but the Orcish Kings loath foreigners coming close to their sacred weapon.


In the year 512, the Orcish people began to expand into the volcanic areas of Raxus, around the Flame Top. The tyrant ruler of the Orcs, Demetes the Kind, led an army of Orcs to investigate the center volcano. Upon reaching the top, a brave Orc named Brusibaas of Rune Wick, then being named only Brusibaas, attempted to throw the evil king into the volcano. Demetes and Brusibaas were locked into combat, but Brusibaas was the greater fighter. He tossed Demetes into the volcano, so the legend says, and then the Guardian of the Orcs, Ocryos, appeared to Brusibaas and said:


This Orcish Warrior-King's first battle as such

"No longer can the tyrants rule. No longer can these excuses for my sons be crowned. You, Brusibaas of Rune Wick, will lead the Orcish forevermore in spirit and blood; with the blade, the first Warrior-King, Brusibaas of Rune Wick, will strive. Take it my son, and lead my people, as you are the Warrior-King.


In tradition, the Rune Wick is to be wielded by the Warrior-King himself, all but his first battle as Warrior-King, to symbolize the fight atop the volcano.


Brusibaas was given the Rune Wick by the Dez'ran and Brusibaas of Rune Wick was given the title "The First Warrior-King". The Rune Wick was passed down by blood and bravery.

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