Saelonthor is one of the five continents of Marazan. It is widely known as the home of the Snow Elves.

Surface DetailsEdit

Saelonthor is a region of massive ice mountains and strong, sturdy glaciers. Immense rivers strike through the province, making water travel quite easy for the natives. Peaks of snow reach limitless heights for people to explore. Kryoran is used for swords, armour and decoration by the Snow Elves. Even though it is slightly weaker, it is a lot more common than Chouran Gold.


The main inhabitants of Saelonthor are the Snow Elves, a wise race of elves who truly appreciate the snowy homeland. They have built many temples and shrines to their god, and continue to do so.

Deer, Frost SpidersWyverns, and even Dragons, the Frost Dragons, as well as Ice Titans, thrive in Saelonthor. The Moon Elves once lived in Saelonthor were pushed out by the Snow Elves.


Saelonthor is known as the home of the Elves, for all Elven kind descended from the Snow Elves after they left the cold of Saelonthor into the rest of Dawn.

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