Msk'all, attacking the Sand Elven market town of Axidage in the year 2049

Sand Titans are a very rare and extremely dangerous species of mana based life hibernating under Bedias, Marazan. They are by far Dawn's largest breed of Titans.


Sand Titans' features differ from each individual, although many features are common. Sand Titans are usually around six hundred feet tall standing at full length. There legs are around half of this, stretching around one hundred feet wide. The arms, however, are usually five hundred feet, two hundred feet wide. Sometimes, these arms hold hands and fingers, although they can also just be flat stubs.

Sand Titans have a long neck, around one hundred feet, and upon this neck is a deep tunnel leading into the unique core of the Sand Titan. The "mouths", guarded by fearsome fangs, are simply passages used to blow gusts as strong as tornadoes at targets, causing massive disaster, from the magical core of the Sand Titan, a large sphere of mana which "powers" the Sand Titan, charging energy throughout its body crystals and generating gusts of wind, through incantations, to be guided out the "mouth".


The orb of the only defeated Sand Titan, Msk'all


Being a mana based organism, the Sand Titan is "powered" by magic. In the center of its abdomen, there is a large magic core, which radiates mana to the body crystals, or Titan Crystals, which allows the Sand Titan's body to move and wind to be created through incantation.

Speech and MagicEdit

Sand Titans are capable of slow, heavy speech, so loud it makes a person chill. This language is not known, although, Msk'all Daqalla, destoryer of the Sand Elven market town of Axidage in the year 2049, used this language. Sand Titans are also capable of incantations, or at least the words Qaifabn, or Wind Beam. When in combat, these behemoths can be heard bellowing the incantation before launching the tornadoes.


Sand Titans are rarely spotted, although it has been confirmed that many are asleep under the surface of Bedias, in a hibernation of thousands of years. When awaked, however, they are pure chaos.


Few Sand Titan attacks have ever occured, although most are recorded.

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