Sarcaaxi is one of the most prized and expensive gems found in all of Dawn.


Sarcaaxi comes from the Elven words "Sand" and "Gem", totalling up to "Sandgem". Sarcaaxi, being only found in Bedias, was prized by the ancient Sand Elf inhabitants. This name is very suited for the gem.


Sarcaaxi is a light purple, almost pinkish mineral deposit compressed through hundreds of years. Usually the gem is found in small, square deposits, but in some very rare cases Sarcaaxi can be found in larger, rectangular deposits.

Location and Mining ProcessEdit

Sarcaaxi has only ever been discovered in small amounts in the desert land of Bedias, no place else. Old Sand Elven tombs rarely hold crowns with the Sarcaaxi gems.

Sarcaaxi is found deep under the sands of Bedias in sandstone caves, however, since the beginning of the third era, the discovery of Sarcaaxi has been cut by around 75%, making the gem much more expensive than ever.

When found, the area around the gem is cut and the large, usually around 50 pound, bulk of rock that birthed the stone is hauled to the surface and special gem cutters tear the rock apart, revealing the entire gem. Usually it is around the size of a marble, growing to be up to the size of a fist. The Sarcaaxi is then polished and sold. A single, marble sized Sarcaaxi gem can be sold for an entire Marazan Crown.


Sarcaaxi is so valuable because of its monopoly: it has only ever been steadily sold by the Sarcaaxus Nation, a mining organization known for murdering anyone found selling Sarcaaxi. The Sarcaaxus Nation is able to do this by bribing the Marazan government.

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