A Sea Dragon attacking a ship

Sea Dragons are an extremely large, yet rare breed of Dragon native to all known oceans, specifically around the Jagged Sea.

Physiology[edit | edit source]

Sea Dragons among the largest species of Dragon, growing up to miles in length. Their wingspand reaches double this size, although Sea Dragons have never been known to use these wings for flight, only for propelling themselves in water or attacking sea vessels.

Sea Dragons are covered in spikes the size of small boats, mainly around their chest and along the spine.

Sea Dragons have small, white eyes that cannot see anything not within water; therefore, the Sea Dragon will go in blind rampages when exposed, thrashing about with its wings,claws, and tail. It does, however, have some form of echolocation. When the beast roars, it senses its prey based on the returning sound.

Encounters[edit | edit source]

Sea Dragon encounters have been recorded throughout history by numerous sailors, mainly around the Jagged Sea. Less than fifty encounters have ever occured.

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