A Sea Nymph, also known as a Siren or Mermaid

Sea Nymphs, also known as Mermaids or Sirens, are a breed of Nymph native to the seas of Dawn. They are very beautiful, yet extremely dangerous.


The skin of a Siren is green-blue, although some points, most notably the hands or tail, are a bright purple. The belly, chest, and face area, on the other hand, are a smoother, beige tone. The Sea Nymph's skin is very slick and smooth, feeling almost slimy. This is due to the fact that the skin is covered in a thin oxygen extracting mucus, which constantly drains oxygen from the water, allowing for breathing through the skin, rather than gills.

Sea Nymphs have a very distinct red shade of hair, often reaching four to five feet long. This shade of hair is very different from the overall green-blue-beige skin patterns that decorate the Siren's body. 

The most "nymphic" thing about the Sea Nymph is her face, seemingly "normal", with the exception of her piercing black eyes, which are said to change colors to white or blue when she is screaming.

Various ribbons of flesh waver from the waist of the Sea Nymph, although it is unknown if these serve any purpose. The same can be said about the strange webbed ears of the Sea Nymph, although it is commonly believed that these are designed to soften noise in order to prevent accidental suicide. 

The tail of the Sea Nymph is obviously used to swimming. Around 90% of the Sea Nymph's muscles are located in her tail, allowing for speeds unmatched by most creatures of the sea.

Finally, we come to the webbed talons of the Sea Nymph, used to tear apart the flesh of her victims with ease.

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