Sethamis Corporeal Form

Sethamis Corporeal Form

R'C'Sethamis, also known as The Hunter, The Renagade and The Conqueror, is a Warrior Raxian from central Raxus. He was one of the leading Raxians to attack the Hervin Isles and he is considered the most powerful and dangerous Raxian in all of Dawn. He has been blessed by Kinath, the Raxian Goddess of War. He wields the sword Malefic Fury.


Corporeal Form

Sethamis' Corporeal Form is a fearsome sight to behold, standing at 7'9 feet high. He has small fins down his back while in a rage. Spikes grow out of his shoulders, each able to puncture flesh and flimsy metals. Sethamis has armoured scales all over his body, each one able to shrug off a steel weapon with apparent ease.


Sethamis shortly after he returns from Sempiternal Form

Sempiternal FormEdit

In Semiternal Form, there have only been eyewitness accounts of what happens. It is known Sethamis' claws extends up to 20 cm. The same with his teeth, meaning his jaw is much larger, the proportions unknown due to the multidimensional shape. In Sempiternal Form, his tail grows longer and more deadly. He opens another set of eyes next to the last ones. Sethamis's achilles tendons increase in size, allowing him to jump around 30 metres. It is supposed to be impossible to kill.

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