A Sky Elven Scout

The Sky Elves, or Chixa in their native tongue, are a breed of Elves native to the Azurian Isles. They speak the Azurian Tongue.


Sky Elves are unusually small Elves, ranging from five to six feet tall, around the same as Humans. This may have something to do with aerodynamics.

The bones of Sky Elves are very pointed and narrow, sticking out awkwardly in some areas, such as their elbows and knees. This is because evolution has pushed the Sky Elven anatomy to becoming more aerodynamic, as they are in the sky more than on their feet.

Sky Elves commonly have white hair and pinkish skin. Bright blue or green eyes are also prevelant in Sky Elves. Sky Elves' eyes are very advanced, with around four times the rods and cones of the average Elven race.

Government and MilitaryEdit


A group of Chidrae

The Sky Elves are all aligned under the White Feather Legion, which is headquartered at Chi Uni, on the Azurian cluster of Entazu. The White Feather Legion is a representative monarchy, wherein both a monarch and concil rule. The monarch and council both share equal power.

The Sky Elven military is based on air soldiers and parasoldiers. Draenimo, or Dragonbirds, are heavily breeded for both warfare and transportation. Every unit in the Sky Elven army flies with a Draenimo mount. Chidrae are also breeded for the Sky Commanders.


The Chinyra, or Sky Commander, is the highest military ranking.

The Sky Elven military is divided into thirty squadrons of one hundred thousand Sky Elves each. Each squadron is composed of sixty thousand Chizao, or Sky Archers, who are masters of the bow. Twenty thousand Chinae, or Sky Blades, are trained in the art of the sword and have special armor with ah especially aerodynamic design that allows these units to jump from their Dragonbird mounts and assault any target. Fifteen thousand Chimyre, or Sky Mages, are selected for their natural ability to manipulate their surroundings with Magic. These Chimyre are trained in the Pyro, Qai, and Siro trees to heal friendly soldiers and disable powerful enemies. Five thousand Chinyra, or Sky Commanders, dominate the battlefield, clad in Chouran Gold armor gilded with Azurian Steel. These Chinrya are masters of magic and wield an Azurian Steel lance. Chinrya do not fly with Dragonbirds like other soldiers, but rather with Chidrae. Chinrya also have a unique sort of gliding device attatched to their armor which allows them to glide around three times as fast as Chinae.

Life SpanEdit

The Sky Elven life span is quite short; Sky Elves only live to around seventy years of age. Occasionally, one will live to eighty or ninety, or even one hundred years, although such events are quite rare.

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