Takranami Saexam, Golden-Eyed Snow Elf, the most potent magic caster of Dawn

Snow Elves, or Saexa as in Elven Tongue, are the oldest race of sapients upon Dawn. These highly intelligent and magicly gifted Elves dominate the land of Saelonthor, the farthest south reach of Marazan.


Snow Elves are a very beautiful and elegant race. All Snow Elves, including the males, grow a mass of long, silver hair that flows down like quicksilver. Like all Elven kind, the ears of the Saexa are pointed out. The Snow Elves are known for inserting small gems into the ear lobes, as a sign of adulthood.

Snow Elves' eyes, like most races, differ in color from person to person. Usually, the eyes of a Saexa are painted light blue or black, although if a Saexa is born with the rare golden eyes, it is said he or she is gifted by the god Kryossiom himself, and he or she is to become something great.


Snow Elves are often named after they are considered an adult, at the age of 20. They are always, in tradition, named in Elven.


In the beginning of time, the Snow Elven people were birthed upon Saelonthor, land of snow, by their holy guardian, Kryossiom. Many of the Saexa settled in this land, while others traveled the reaches of what would become Marazan, discovering the lands of Hepac, Raxus, Bedias, and Erayus. These nomads then settled, becoming the variety Elves we know today.

In the year 22, the Snow Elves discover the moon Saexor and begin to develop a concept of the Great Barrier and the Dez, which later proves to be true.

In the early year of 546, the Snow Elves made a discovery that changed the entire world of Dawn forever: the words "Sumidez Kryossiom". The Snow Elven priests had managed to temporarily open the skies of the Great Barrier, allowing their guardian, Kryossiom, to enter Dawn. For their persistence, the Dez gifted the Snow Elven people the gift of Magic.

In the year of 1012, the Snow Elven people began to expand across Saelonthor, eventually pushing the Moon Elves to the land of Hapec, where they would remain untouched for a long period of time.


The Snow Elves are united under the Saelonthorian Order, which controls most of Saelonthor. The Saelonthorian Order is ruled by a council of twenty priests and one Vasis, or Speaker, who act under the words of Kryossiom.

Life SpanEdit

Snow Elves live longer than almost any of the common races, averaging at one hundred to one hundred and ten years of age. The oldest Snow Elf. a Vasis of Kryossiom, was three hundred and thirty nine years old.

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