Stachnias - 2447

Stachnias is a dormant volcano in the Quimrdage Peaks that contains the Dwarven Capital City called Stachnias after the mountain. The city is powered using Msk'all's Titan's Core.


Stachnias was founded in 2014 by the Dwarven people. The volcano was chosen as it was taller than all of the other mountains in Marazan and the surrounding areas.

In 1887, Stachnias was chosen to hold a series of athletic, intercontinental events known as the Dwarven Crown, named after the item the winner would gain, as Stachnias was found to be the richest city in all of Marazan at the time. However, Stachnias's economy was ruined due to the sudden influx of foreigners, so Erixas, a Sand Elven City, was chosen to have games based around fighting in arenas called the Dawn Royale, a thousand years after Stachnias.


Stachnias is home to the Dwarven Government and over 3 million Dwarves. It is the city with the highest amount of Dwarves living within it.


Dwarven Pistols

Dwarven Flintlock Pistols

Stachnias had numerous laboratories where Dwarven scientists and engineers build and test out siege weapons, hand-held weapons, a prototype vacuum cleaner and so on.


The Dwarven military is expansive and great. Over a 1/5 of all people is Stachnias alone are a part of the military which is generally safe due to the fact that 1/3 of it are machines. Basic infantry are given crossbows, though higher ranking troops have muskets and pistols.

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