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A Stone Giant scans for a threat.

The Stone Giants are Giants that live on Arkland Isle and Choura. They can range between 7 and 10 metres in height.


A Stone Giant is generally covered in vines from living in forests. It is entirely made of a hard sedimentary rock called "Tyrohis". A Stone Giant has higher amounts of magic than anything else for its size, yet does not have a magical core, like the Ice Titan or the Sand Titan. It is a silicon-based organism.

A Stone Giant has two arms and legs and stand in an upright position with similiar joints to a Human or Elf.


The Stone Giant's First Contact

The Stone Giants have a proud and noble history. They duelled and lived in a medivial society, content with life. However, in 3478, the Stone Giants encountered another species: Perpetual Elves. The Elves notified the Arkheons of these rare creatures and left the island. Since then the Giants and the rest of Arkland have been close to each other.


The Stone Giants have joined with the Arkheon Dictatorship in hopes of a better future together. They have brought their warriors to the Erayan battlefield to reinforce the Arkheon advance and to gain a territorial hold Erayus, a new continent, in the war known as The Arkheon Advance. Currently, the Arkheons are winning.