Tesivrder, meaning "Gas of Blaspheme" in Dwarvish, is an invisible gas which, when compressed, can kill a dozen people in seconds. It is only found on the east coast of Hapec, by the Dwarven colony of Unireka.

Location and DiscoveryEdit

Tesivredr was discovered in the year 1004 by the Dwarvern colony known as Unireka, who began to explore south of their homeland, discovering the continent, Hapec, a year earlier. Tesivredr is very common in east Hapec, spewing from volcanic vents dotted across the coast.


Tesivredr is normally harmless, though it can cause slower reaction times and less creative thinking after prolonged exposure. However, when compressed, it severely damages important brain cells, not killing the effected, but rendering them brain-dead, a fate considered worse than death. No cure or defence other than not breathing exists.

Tesivredr is extremely flamable, even in small amounts, also allowing the gas to be used to burn large areas. After deploying Tesivredr, it is common for the murderers to light the gas, incinerating the brain-dead bodies.


Tesivredr is used in Dwarven Gas Throwers, weapons which spew out this poison into the air of the surrounding area. Using notches the range of the weapon will increase, along with the amount of gas used up.

Tesivredr is also used to burn things.


Tesivredr is illegal to be owned by any person without proof of official study into its effects. A death penalty is given to those who have the gas. However, the Dwarves refuse to abolish Tesivredr within their territory due to it being a great advantage, though this mean pirates and smugglers can easily get it past security. Dwarves are also designing hand bombs which, when hit an object forcefully, would smash it to pieces and spread the gas around.

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