Thalmas the Immortal is the sole emperor of the Army of Thormieral. He currently controls much of Saelonthor and is gaining more land and power. He is a Moon Elf.

Thalmas was once known as Torm Mantal, before he established his army.


Little is remembered of appearance of the Moon Elf, Torm Mantal, whom Thalmas once was.

Thalmas has never been seen without his distinctive, glowing armor. Crafted from a metal known as Thormal Steel and infused with solidified Tesivredr, the armor renders Thalmas almost entirely invurnerable to any physical damage. Anything around the walking tank is exposed to hughly concentrated amounts of Tesivredr, giving Thalmas an aura of death.

Thalmas the Immortal wields a massive sword with a blade of unknown crystals. The blade itself is very strong and able to do massive amounts of damage.

Magical AbilitiesEdit

Thalmas is known for being extremely magically hardened, having studied with the Order of Forbidden and Forgotten Magic for several years before establishing his army in Hapec. He specifically studied Pain and Mind, in order to become invulnerable to mental and physical pain and damage. He studied Tesivredr for many years as well, learning that its effects can be resisted with sufficent magical resistance. He also has the greatest knowledge of Greensting of any mortal, having discovered it in 4953.


Torm Mantal, a Moon Elf, was likely born around 4940 to a Moon Elven family in Hapec. Early in his life, Torm showed magical potential and eventually retreated to the Order of Forbidden and Forgotten Magic to study. He was a particularily excellent student and began studying the Dez, or more exactly, the concept of stealing magical energy from a Dez to become more powerful.

n 4953, in order to become familiar with the presence of a Dez, Torm summoned a Dez'psi using several of the Order's Maroxes and the life of a fellow scholar. His studies on the Hunter led to the discovery of Greensting, a magical residue that can be stored and used as a deadlier alternative to the banned Wildfire.

His studies soon led him to opening a rift in 4954 that would drain energy from the barrier, but this experiment caused a large magical explosion that not only killed 6 other collegues, but somehow teleported Torm eleven years into the future. Torm, now mentally unstable from the accident, became obsessed with the idea of gaining immortality.

He established the Army of Thormieral in an effort to recover an artifact known as the Heart of Dawn and use it to kill the Dez and harness their lifeforce for his own desires. He has currently taken much control of Saelonthor, where the artifact is hidden, and is gaining more land and power.

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