The Arkheon Advance is an ongoing war between the Arkheon Dictatorship and the Erayan Force. It started in 4941 and continues to rage to this day.

Famous EventsEdit

  • 4941 - The invaders arrive after over two weeks at sea. The defending counties fall almost immediately. Erayus scrambles to get together a solid defence in the light of the incursions.
  • 4945 - The Battle of Deserda: The slowly advancing attackers stop as a fair portion of the Erayan Force attack them from all sides around Deserda. Small ammounts of claimed territory reclaimed by the Erayans.
  • 4946 - As the Erayans start to slow in their efforts, the Arkland invaders speed up and soon Giants and Beholders are wrecking all defences in their wake.
  • 4948 - Commander Greg Trescost claims that he will fight until all Arkland invaders have been killed. The Erayans push back at the attackers and reclaim lost land.
  • 4950 - The war dies down and most of the Erayans continue on as though it never happened, however the Arkheons continue to build up their armies.
  • 4957 - After 7 years of waiting, the dictatorship remind the Erayans of what fear is like. Over five provinces fall in the first few days. Cities are razed and their citizens are used as labour to rebuild.
  • 4980 - The Erayan Force move to a defensive position to keep the Arkheons at bay, despite heavy casualties.
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