Holy Book

The Doctrine 12:18

The Doctrine also known as the Book of Lies by Elves in general, is the center for religion for the Raxian people of Raxus.


Prophets are rarely born in the Raxian society. They are distinguishable from other Raxians at once as they are a bright turquoise colour, and neither blue nor green. Each prophet gains the prename of M'. Famous prophets include:

  • M'Arg - Wrote the Doctrine
  • M'Ark - Wrote the Doctrine
  • M'Enda - Wrote the Doctrine
  • M'Ergo - Started Raxian Government
  • M'Onda - Convinced an Orc county to join the Raxians in the Raxus War
  • M'Ursta - Made most of the words in Raxianese and Wrote the Doctrine


The Doctrine tells the Raxians of many gods. There are plenty of them in existence and due to their love by the Raxians, they're actually major Dez. Their names are seemingly random by Elven standards, but it is organised and easy to remember for the Raxians. Below is an attempt to gather the names of the more major deties.

  1. Aeeldodth - Crops God
  2. Astycth - Forge God
  3. Audith - Sound God
  4. Aunylth - Messenger Goddess
  5. Auwareth - Time God
  6. Ebuth - Betrayer God
  7. Elmath - Tree God
  8. Emosith - Grass God
  9. Esseath - Creator Goddess
  10. Eyqorth - Creator God
  11. Danageavth - Water Goddess
  12. Darulth - Ground God
  13. Denath - Farming Goddess
  14. Gerth - Consollation Goddess
  15. Huth - Water God
  16. Hymthmo - Tactician God
  17. Kinath - War Goddess
  18. Leuemyth - Time Goddess
  19. Lylith - Magic Goddess
  20. Nath - Flame Goddess
  21. Oiuskoth - Ground Goddess
  22. Phath - Praying God
  23. Sith - Death God
  24. Therith - Flame God
  25. Thonoth - Warrior God
  26. Warilth - Afterlife God
  27. Yerengith - Life God
  28. Yghith - Assassin Goddess
  29. Zhonh - Wind Goddess


Adardo graco omer, aragar akracra krag aguro, uzsta kracro urk omer ozste mar uzsto, koga urka marge urk M'Arg.

We will, through many ferocious battles and wars, conquer all of our enemies and foes, for this is the truth of M'Arg.

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