Traismalia is a deserted volcanic island off the coast of Bedias in the Great Oasis, known as the Birthplace of Dragonkind and the rest of the Ocromis.


Traismalia was once composed of vast and beautiful forests, covering the island entirely, the Cradle of Flames  peaking out from the vegetation.

Since 1322, the island is a vast obsidian wasteland. Small patches of nutrient rich soil allow bushes to grow and feed the island's very limited life. Pits of lava and volcanic vents dot the island.

The island itself is around the size of the Republic of Yern put together.

Cradle of FlamesEdit

The Cradle of Flames, the large volcano at the center of Traismalia, is believed by scholars to be the birthplace of dragonkind. It is believed that in the year 73 a nomadic tribe of Sand Elves sailed out to the island, seeking to explore the island or even settle. These Sand Elves climbed the Cradle of Flames, peering into its molten opening as hundreds of dragons flew out, awoken by the visitors. These dragons, thought to be Elder Dragons, eventually dispersed across Dawn, settling in alien lands and evolving to survive as apex predators.

It is unknown what caused the dragons to awaken, or why how they arrived in the Cradle of Flames, but it is now known widely as the birthplace of dragonkind.

In 1322, the Cradle of Flames erupted, destroying all of the island's vegetation and features.


Traismalia is known as the Birthplace of Dragonkind, as it is believed that all Ocromis life originated from the Cradle of Flames. See the Cradle of Flames for more information.

War of TheriaEdit

The War of Theria began on 4190 as an army in the name of the Erayan Force came to claim the island of Traismalia. Earthstriders, a breed of dragon only home to Traismalia and closest relatives to the ancient Elder Dragons, decided to defend their sacred home, the Cradle of Flames. The War of Theria, named after the eldest of the Earthstriders at the time, Theria of Night, lasted twelve years. By the end of the war, only one Earthstrider remained, Atlas of Theria, only son of the great mother, Theria of Night. The Erayan Force had to retreat from the volcanic island, leaving it uninhabited by any nation since.


Besides the packs of Volcanic WolvesAsh Bulls, and the rare Pyrese Dragons, the only notable inhabitant of the deserted island is Atlas of Theria, last known Earthstrider of Dawn. He is the self-proclaim protector of Traismalia since the War of Theria.

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