Snowy Mountain

"Crimson Height" (left) and "Dark Elegance" (right)

The Udes Mountains are a mountain range in the south of Raxus and separate the Dark Elves from the rest of Marazan society.


The Udes have an unknown amount of different mountain. It is estimated to be somewhere between 75 to 200 peaks.

Xard OgrateEdit

Udes Mountains

Xard Ograte

Xard Ograte is Raxianese for "Large Mountain". It is called as such as it is higher than any other mountain in the range. It is an astounding 7,500 metres high; almost high enough to see the Great Barrier from the top.

Xard Ograte was discovered in 746 by Deserat Egresa, after the Orcs expanded their borders. Most of the mountains were classified as "unclimbable", though many have tried to get up these perilous peaks without success.

Dark ElvesEdit

The Dark Elves are mysterious and few facts about them exist. It is known they have the ability to climb the Udes and that they have metals and minerals unbeknownst to the rest of Marazan. Sightings of the Dark Elves are getting increasingly common as of 4500.


It is unknown if cities lay behind the Udes Mountains, althought one city is proven in existence: Shii Itae, home of the Dark Elves. It is well known that Shii Itae houses more Dark Elves than any other city.

Shii Itae is home of the Cult of Grimm and has an immensely large church to Dez'atlor, or Grimm, the God of Death.

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