A Drawing of a Void Dragon

Void Dragons, or Thornum Dragons, are a unique breed of Dragons who feed off the Free Magic of the Great Barrier.


The name of the Void Dragon is likely inspired by the translation of Thornum, the Elven word for Void. These Dragons were likely first discovered by the Sand Elves, who spoke Elven at the time, expanding and finding the Qimrdage Peaks of Bedias.


Void Dragons are an extremely wicked and hostile creature, with body features that prove so. The creature is extremely flexible as it has hundreds of joints in its massive spine, allowing the this snake with legs and wings to slip under and down and perform vicious, stealthy attacks on anything it sees moving.

The claws of the Void Dragon are extremely long with vicious talons curling around them, allowing these Dragons to tear virtually anything apart. If this wasn't easy enough for the Thornum Dragon, each Thornum Dragon is equipt with sixety four, long and razor sharp fangs.

Unique spikes curl off the back of the Void Dragon, going past the Dragon's odd wings. These wings are oddly strong for flying; something about their unique shape makes the Void Dragon quite aerodynamic.


The Void Dragon is a very unique creature in the sense that the creature does not eat any living animal it kills; the vicious rack of teeth is simply to be used as a weapon. In reality, these fiends are able to absorb magic from the Great Barrier through the small gem-like beads and convert them into sugars in an unknown process. Because of the Void Dragon's natural habitat, the Qimrdage Peaks of Bedias, the only area known point of Dawn that has access to the Great Barrier, the Thornum Dragon simply flies up and exposes the beads to the radiating Free Magic.


Although it is quite a difficult task to kill a Void Dragon, it can be very rewarding. Void Dragon scales aren't very durable, but the teeth and talons of a Thornum Dragon can be made into very sharp and durable knives. The famous magical beads are often sold to Dwarves, who use these pearls as one of their greatest forms of Mana Power.

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