Volcanic Wolf

An Armoured Volcanic Wolf

Volcanic Wolves a breed of ruthless wolves that roam the areas on and around the Flame Top of Raxus, around the Hapecian Flame of Hapec, on the island of Traismalia, and around the land of Talo. These wolves are commonly known as "Orcish Wolves", as they are often tamed by the Orcish armies and used in battle.


Volcanic Wolves are a very large breed of wolf, reaching around five to seven feet in length. They are very suited to their volcanic and ashy environment, having a layer of heat resistant fur that is often used by poachers (who live an encounter) for heat resistant clothing.

Volcanic Wolves have large teeth, each at a razor sharp inch long, with piercing three inch fangs jarring out the corners of their mouths. Two long, pointed ears stand from its head, capable of hearing approaching predator or prey.

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