A cluster of wisps

Wisps, or stars, are a race of mana-based lifeforms native to Thornum.


To any mortal race, a wisp may appear as a glowing dot in the night sky, shining as white, purple, blue, green, red, orange, or yellow.

Certain species, such as the Dez, have the capabilities to see the true form of a wisp, although this form is unknown.

A wisp is roughly five to fifteen kilometers in surface area, although this is simply an estimation. They linger around the surface of the Great Barrier.


A Wisp feeds off of the mana, or free magic, that is radiated from the Great Barrier. They convert this energy into light and use it to sustain life.


Wisps form groups, known as Clusters, when they grow near eachother. These groups produce large amounts of light and may eventually merge. When they merge, a large explosion, known as a supernova, occurs. This supernova releases large amounts of light and mana.


Since the beginning of time, Wisps have been seen and known as stars. Records state that several "shooting stars" have been seen throughout the sky. This "shooting star" is actually a wisp that is moving to a new area for reasons unknown.

In the year 3652, stars were declared to be actual living creatures by the Order of Forbidden and Forgotten Magic, who had been studying Thornum. These stars are named Wisps, as they are "wisps of light".

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