The Yern are an insectoid species that inhabit the Republic of Yern along with the Unika, Hylots and Zact.


The Yern stand at 5 ft tall when upright. They have a strong and sturdy skeleton which is quite cramped, meaning that with the organs, food must be eaten slowly in order to avoid the digestive system from being blocked up. This, however, is also the reason that the Yern are so big as compared to other insects, though it may have been helped by the increased amount of magical energy in the Republic of Yern, from things such as Magic Storms.


The Yern have a proud history of diplomatic relations. Whenever there were high tensions with another species, a single diplomat laid the tensions to rest. With their abilities, the Yern united the Yiama Islands as the Republic of Yern in their honor after making from an empire to a republic.


The Yern are allied with the rest of the Republic of Yern and are on good terms with the neighbouring continents of Bedias and Erayus, though relations with the rest of Marazan are uncertain.

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