The Zact are a hivemind linked by Mina Magic. They act like a bee colony.


There are Drone, Warrior and Queen variants of the species, similar to a bee hierarchy.


Drones are the most common type of variant, also called Workers. They expand the resident Queen's living space, harvest food, etc. They often live for forty to fifty years, altough research shows they could feasibly live until seventy if their monotonous work was cancelled. They are hunch-backed from working day and night.


Warriors have straight backs unlike thier bretheren. They use spears and their one use stinger as a backup. The best Warriors are chosen for breeding in hopes of producing a large number of fine Zact. The oddity about Warriors is the fact they are used for escorting and defence. Not once has a Warrior been shown to be used in an aggressive way for hundreds of years.


Queens are large and fat. They rarely move around and if they do they have an escort of 500 warriors due to the rare nature of queens. They spend most of their time giving birth to Drones and Warriors.


The species is ruled by 3 major Queens and 17 minor ones. The nearest drone or warrior is controlled by the nearest Queen to its location. This way, they can be swapped around between areas by warriors.

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